Saturday, August 9, 2008


There was a free concert in City Hall square (Piazza Municipio) Thursday night. The group playing was Radiodervish, a world music group from Bari. They sing in a mix of Italian, Arabic and English and their music carries a message of peace. Listen to their song "Immagine di te" (Image of You) at this link.


USelaine said...

A nice mix of traditions, and good to see a woman on fiddle!

Jane Hards Photography said...

Thanks for the link. Great night life shot. You really do have a lovely lively part of the world to photograph.

Anonymous said...

You have wonderful photographs! I stumbled across your blog while trying to track down a band that played a free concert at the Piazza Municipio in the summer.

Do you by any chance know where I could find out who was playing there on August 17 2008? I was in Alberobello that evening, and watched the show...but I haven't been able to figure out who the band was!

Thanks for all the lovely photographs.