Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Water Truck

This is the gas tank on the truck that delivers water to my house. We live on the edge of town and have neither water nor sewer service from the city. We have a cistern in the backyard and whenever the water level looks low, we give Leonardo, the water guy, a call. He gets the water from some artesian well he has access to and makes a living delivering it to people like us. August is his high season because lots of folks around here spend this traditional vacation month (in which most of southern Italy basically closes down) in their second homes in the countryside. These tend to be one or two room structures, nothing fancy...but at least people get out of town.

This is the view through the windshield into Leonardo's cab. Notice the rosary. A lot of Italian truck drivers decorate their cabs with crucifixes, or images of Jesus or Mary. You need all the protection you can get if you're on the road all day!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post. Read the narrative twice. Liked the photos too.

Abraham Lincoln
—Brookville, Ohio

Ann said...

Love the photo and really interesting that you don't have town water. I guess its something I take for granted.

Fern Driscoll said...

Do you see a lot of Padre Pio portraits in the trucks down there?

Saretta said...

Actually, no Fern. Padre Pio is a big local religious celebrity, that's for sure, but you find him more commonly in hospital wards. I think his miracles have had to do with healing the sick. Truckers seem to go straight to the top, invoking the Madonna or Jesus!