Saturday, August 23, 2008

Marhaba Beach Bar

At Cala Arena, one of the local private beach clubs, you can refresh yourself at the Marhaba Beach Bar. Achille or his twin brother Antonio will serve you with a kind word and a gentle smile. They offer a range of beverages, snacks, ice-creams and, if you order ahead, they prepare various salads at lunchtime. This is their summertime site. In the winter they manage the Marhaba Wine Bar in the center of town, where you can try various wines accompanied by appetizers and light meals.

(If you want to see the beefy lifeguard, however, the Beach Bar is your best bet!)


Hilda said...

Mmmmm… yummy!


Homebody at Heart said...

Mamma mia! He probably has to save a lot of women during the summer!

Saretta said...

Oh yeah! ;-)