Sunday, August 3, 2008

Torrione Passari

This watchtower was built onto the historic centre's sea wall in 1515 to defend the city from the invasions by Turkish and Croatian pirates that were a constant threat to the people living along the Adriatic coast. It is circular and has two main sections: a cistern on the lower level and an upper level used to store arms. At its base its walls are 5 meters thick but gradually get thinner towards the top. It was rebuilt in 1633 after Molfetta was sacked by French troops.

It has recently been completely restored and is open to visitors. It is often the site of modern art exhibits by local and international artists.


Sally said...

That's one great tower!

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. said...

your camera seems to be working fine :) Great picture!

Hilda said...

Wow. That is one seriously awesome tower. Glad to know it's been put to a much more peaceful use. :)

Jane Hards Photography said...

You wouldn't guess the tower's history from such a beatiful image. Wonderful blues kies I keep seeing in your pics.