Friday, January 22, 2010

Winter Beach

The Prima Cala beach is much more peaceful and infinitely cleaner during the winter months.

What about those fuzzy trees? Sometimes it seems like all the trees around here come out fuzzy in photos. Olive trees are terribly difficult to photograph (check out that silvery green blur in yesterday's shot) and these Marine pines are no better.

Maybe Molfetta's motto should be "Town of the Fuzzy Trees." No one would back me up on this, I know. Especially since Molfettans call their city the "Paese delle Belle Donne" which means the "Town of Beautiful Women." What would you choose for a motto...beautiful women or fuzzy trees?


Pat said...

First of all, that's a beautiful photo of a place I'd love to walk.... Nobody there!

Thanks for your comment on my photo today. The sign pointing to downtown Belgrade is pointing in the wrong direction, since downtown is visible behind the sign. That's what I meant about someone having a sense of humor when they put up the sign.

Luis Gomez said...

It is really a lovely shot. Calm and inviting. Very nice.

Cezar and Léia said...

This place looks so peaceful, I liked a lot your composition in this shot, congrats, it's perfect!
So, it will be a place that I would love to visit in winter.I miss the ocean!
Have a great weekend

Rob Siemann said...

What a nice and empty place! With this low wall, looks more like a lake

VP said...

Rob is right this look more like lake, sorry the sun is already gone.
'Beautiful women' beats 'Fuzzy trees' every day!

Greg Dimitriadis said...

Lovely photo. The trees look as though they can't wait for the summer to arrive.

Clueless in Boston said...

Very peaceful looking indeed. A nice place and time for a little walk in solitude.

Yes, the skating rink in my picture is called "Frog Pond." In summer it is filled with just enough water so very young children can wade in the shallow water. And there is also a very nice "Frog playground" right beside the pond.

Have a great weekend.

Lowell said...

Well, I've seen your picture so the most accurate motto would be the "Town of Beautiful Woman"!

Love the photo for its cool starkness...and that horizon line where the clouds and water meet!

Tash said...

A fuzzy woman? Beautiful trees? OH, no - that just wouldn't do.
It is interesting about some trees being so photogenic & some not at all.
I like the wintery beach. Overcast is OK - a serene scene. It's fog that I remeber in Pula in winter months that's really unpleasant - the damp cold creeps into the bones.

Unknown said...

Wintery but beautiful!