Thursday, January 28, 2010


Rain is a good thing. I am not here to complain about it. It makes the plants grow and it fills the empty riverbeds gets some of the dirt off my car...and... Well, I'm sure it does lots of great things! And, I for one am NOT going to complain about it!

At least rain is a weather event...the past couple of weeks of gray days have been killing me with a bad case of weather boredom. At least when it rains there's something happening!

Hurray for rain!


Rob Siemann said...

Really nice shot, I can almost hear the rain.
Well, nice big sunshiny day here, but God, it's cold!

Luis Gomez said...

This is a beautiful shot. Great capture.

Lowell said...

Hmmm. Methinks thou dost protest too much!

How about no rain and the gray days giving way to bright warm sunshine? Sound good? Better than rain?

Heh, heh!

But you're right, of course. Rain makes the world go green and we couldn't do without it.

Unfortunately, sometimes we get too much and at other times we get too little.

The rain gods are fickle or just don't care!

VP said...

Nice post and effective picture about how you... like the rain.