Sunday, February 22, 2009

On the Street

I have rather mixed feelings about posting this photo. Gypsies and other people who ask for money are an everyday sight throughout this area. In Molfetta they set themselves up at the large intersections around town and ask for a handout from every car stuck at the red light. You will also find them sitting on the ground outside the larger supermarkets, usually with a small child. So, this is a reality here and my blog portrays the reality of life in Molfetta, so why not?

But, the whole issue of beggars on the streets is complicated. A large number of them, like the Gypsies, choose this as a lifestyle, and I find that hard to support. But, others are really down on their luck and could use a hand. How to distinguish the two?

I believe this man was Russian because when I asked him if I could take his picture he replied, "Da" and he didn't understand me when I tried to make conversation. His cardboard sign says,
"Please help me. I am 73 years old. Give me something because I have problems with my head, feet and heart. I do not have a house. Give me something for food and medicines."


VP said...

I really hope he uses the money for food and medicine... I agree with you about the mixed feelings, but the subject is real and the photo is very good.
By the way, also Romanians and Bulgarians say "da" for yes.

Rosaria Williams said...

This picture could have been taken in any city in the world, actually. We have many folks on the streets, in need of a hand out. Their problems seem incompatable with our modern welfare services. Why aren't they registering to receive food stamps and housing assistance? Why aren't they looking at their inner circle for help? I don't think we can help them this way. We may actually encourage the helplessness. We need community action, centers that will take them in and follow up.

Glad to chat with you, Saretta.

xxx said...

I think that this is a beautiful and powerful image.

Best to look through the eyes of love and then you can't go wrong.
We don't need to judge these people and yes they are all over the world........ just like you and me.

I like your blog

best wishes :-)

Ming the Merciless said...

This is quite common in NYC too.

The city is promoting a campaign to ask people to stop giving money to homeless people in the train/subway and to donate money to homeless organizations instead.

Saretta said...

Poet - I hope so, too!

Lakeviewer - it's a frustrating situation, that's true.

Ribbon - thanks for stopping by!

Ming - that probably makes a lot of sense.

valeria said...

Very "strong" photo, Saretta. Needless to add, here it is the same. I don't have a clear idea of what should be done, maybe Lakeviewer is right. I always give them something, especially aged people. I tend to ignore young and often daring gypsies because I know that they tend to make it their work...