Monday, February 9, 2009

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Even in the dark month of February, we are blessed in Molfetta with fields of flowers around the olive trees. The answer to my son's question was "she loves me not," but he didn't seem too broken up about it. He and his best friend share the same "girlfriend" - it's a 4th grader thing, you wouldn't understand! ;-)

This wonderful award has been presented to me by Kimy of Mouse Medicine (a recent blog of note!) and I am honored that she thinks I deserve it. Now I get to pass it on to five blogging friends whose writing I enjoy. My choices are...

Sara at It's Lovely, I'll Take It because she consistently makes me fall off my chair laughing with her oddball sense of humor.

Hilda at My Manila because her photoblog delivers a fascinating daily dose of Filipino culture and history along with a great photo.

Knoxville Girl at Knoxville Daily Photo because I like her take on things and her way of seeing the world, or at least Knoxville, Tennessee.

Mediterranean Kiwi at One Day in Hania because she tells a great story about life and customs on the Greek island of Crete.

Sperlygirl at Sperlygirl (don't know her name!) because reading her blog makes me slow down and reflect on the simple gifts life offers us.

The rules for the award are as follows:
* Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass the Award on to 5 most-deserving Blog Friends.
* You must link to the author and name of the blog you received the award from.
* You must display the Award on your blog and link to this post, which explains the Award.
* When you win The Superior Scribbler Award you must visit this post and add your name to the Mr. Linky List. That way, they will be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives this prestigious honor. You must post these rules on your blog.


Walker said...


Maria Verivaki said...

wow, i just came on to see what life in molfetta is like today, and i see an award for me - thanks so much!!!

lovely photo of the wildflowers under the olive trees - we have mainly clover, but yours looks richer in colour (a photo of the whole view would be nice)

VP said...

What a good idea for a photo!

Hilda said...

Oh wow, Saretta. This is a real honor. And I'm not over-acting — I've always found it difficult to write and I still do most of the time (editing's so much easier for me). I started blogging as a challenge to myself, hence "Happy at Home." Then I discovered CDP (after following Eric's blog for so long — duh, I never noticed the widget) and decided to create "My Manila" and I've found that the photo helps focus my writing. So to get an award for my 'scribbling' really means a lot. Thank you.

And congratulations too! I think you truly deserve it! You know I love your blog.

Your son is adorable! That's the type of cheek that's just begging for a nuzzle, but I don't think he'd appreciate one from his mom's friends ;D

Knoxville Girl said...

First things first - your photo today is so evocative - well done portrait of your son.

Second things second - I also enjoy your scribbling about life in Molfetta - I've learned so much from you, and will take it with me whenever I finally get to visit Italy.

Third things third - grazie, my firend, for the award. I started my blog partly to explore the new (to me) realm of photography, but also to get my writing voice back. I wish my college English professor could see this - he used to argue with me that I belonged in the English dept., not in science. But I'm a librarian now, after many good years in science, so I guess he had the last laugh after all.


Ming the Merciless said...

Relationships at that age is so vague yet so uncomplicated. :-)

Cute photo!