Sunday, December 28, 2008

"New Area of Expansion"

The apartment blocks in this new neighborhood, that has yet to have been given a better name than "new area of expansion," has a collection of widely varying architectural styles. They are "cooperatives" and each group of owners has the freedom to choose the style and materials for their new homes.

I've divided them into three categories:

"The Good"

"The Bad" (because the line of rowhouses changes style halfway down the row)

"The Ugly"


Maria Verivaki said...

as you said this had to happen to give people a chance to live in a decent home. but i am surprised that everything is looking like terraced flats or high rise apartments

i am imagining the dust created from this project - i can also see that the road in front of the houses hasnt been tarmacked yet, so i can imagine what happens once it rains...

this manner of building is very similar to what happens in greece - thankfully it is not so frequent where i live in this small town on crete

Jane Hards Photography said...

Brilliant observation and storyboard and I totally agree.

Hilda said...

I actually like the nearer houses of the second photo, maybe because of the stone detailing. I completely agree with your verdict on the third set!

We call these 'townhouses' rather than rowhouses, though I think your term is more accurate. These could very well be in Metro Manila too.