Monday, December 22, 2008

Commercial Christmas

For over-the-top Christmas decor in Molfetta you have to head over to the local mall. Here my 9-year-old son patiently poses in front of the largest of the many Christmas trees placed here and there around the mall.

Note, it's complete with phony shopping bags of gifts...a subtle hint, just in case you forgot what you came to the mall to do! This year most shops are already offering up to 30% discounts on their merchandise to encourage recession and all. The normal "sale" season doesn't start until about the second week of January.

At the other end of the mall there is a display of nativity scenes which are more culturally appropriate here. The Christmas tree is an import from the north and many Molfettan families don't do one at all.


Unknown said...

Here some shops are also offering discounts! I've never seen this before Christmas... Hard times we are living!
Your boy looks cute posing! :-)

Tanya Breese said...

I love the way they've decorated! Your boy is too cute! Merry Christmas!

PJ said...

I like the suspended ornaments and you have an adorable son. It's interesting to hear about other countries coping with this financial situation - especially since we were warned last week that there's another round of bad mortgage debt about to be released,at least in this country. Is that it or will there still be more? Whatever happened to common sense?