Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Erboristeria Elios

Molfetta's historical center used to be an island - the Island of Saint Andrew, to be exact - and it sticks out into the sea about two-thirds of the way around. Along the side facing inland there is a high wall. There are many bars, shops and social clubs (think along the lines of the Soldiers Mutilated in the Great War club, not dinner and dancing!) built into rooms along the base of the wall.

These photos show the exterior and a slice of the interior of the Elios Erboristeria, located at the southernmost point of the walls, on the corner of Piazza Municipio. An "erboristeria" is an herbalist's shop. They sell all kinds of products ranging from actual herbs to natural remedies for a long list of various and sundry ailments to cosmetics, soaps and perfumes.


USelaine said...

Interesting description! I think we have similar social clubs, but we don't call them that. Service groups like the VFW probably fill that role.

Those herbal gifts look very refined, and somehow more credible in an ancient setting like that.

Hilda said...

I remember being amazed by that wall several months ago, and your description makes it even more amazing.

I think I'm going to love this shop!

Petrea Burchard said...

It looks like a great place for an evening stroll. I love the old stone structures and the golden light coming out.

valeria said...

What an interesting setting for an erboristeria!.There is one near here, and I usually buy a good tisana (herbal tea). I love the smell of the herbs when I step inside

Anne Vis said...

Beautiful shots, great blog!