Friday, October 24, 2008

Cassa di Risparmio

This small yellow building is located on the port across from the Monument to the Mariner. If you look at the photo in my blog header, this building is located just out of the photo on the right.

The inscription "Cassa Di Risparmio" means this was once a savings bank. It currently houses some of the city offices. If you enlarge the photo you can see that some city employee has cultivated quite a few plants in one of the windows on the side of the building!

The smaller kiosk to the left is an ice-cream shop called Gelateria Lena. It has been there a long time, I believe at least as far back as the 1970s.

The quality of the photo is not great as it was taken at little Kodak tries its best, but we can only ask so much of it! ;-)


marie6 said...

Your buildings are very similar to Malta.
Thanks for visiting, and no we have not visited Italy yet but we sure would like to, so who knows?

Petrea Burchard said...

Saretta, you do a marvelous job with that little Kodak!

Petrea Burchard said...

Please visit my blog for an award today, Saretta!

PJ said...

I love the photo in your header. Nice to see what else is on the waterfront.

Jules said...

Wonderful glow on the buildings there!!!

Nice to catch up with all your posts!!!

Pietro Brosio said...

Saretta, it's a very interesting post, photograph and explanation. Your little Kodak works well!

Saretta said...

Marie - I would also like to visit Malta one near and yet so far!

Petrea - thank you and...thank you!

pj, jules and pietro - thank you, too!

LaGrasta said...

Ahhh Lena's! I ate there often. If I remember correctly, my favorite was a cake called Cuatro or something to that nature. Originally called "four" as your might divide it this way when serving. Anyway, it was terrific at Lena's. During the festival, we sat, ate gelato, and listen to music there each night.
Next door at the city building, at the very top, is a magnificent crest (use zoom on your camera). It signifies an Italian city, second only to Rome as I was told.
Next door to the city building is where I ordered horse sandwiches... lol.