Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Public Housing

These buildings are "case popolari," or low-cost public housing. They are very bare bones architecturally, both inside and out, and looking a little worse for wear. What you can't see in this picture, however, is that they are located on the seafront. On the other side of the building they have a beautiful view of the sea!


Lowell said...

As someone once said, "You can't have everything." Is the view of the sea worth living in a building that is inside and out "a little worse for wear"?

I dunno. Interesting conundrum, though.

Great photo, Saretta...you've captured well the "worse for wear" and I love the antennas jabbing into those beautiful clouds!

Rosaria Williams said...

If you got to be poor, then,you should have the best of views.

Janet said...

That view of the sea would be worth a lot!