Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saint Martin's Fritters, 2

And here they are...four types of fritters: onion and olives, mozzarella and tomato, tuna and tomato, and just plain dough for the littlest kids. These are eaten together with turnip greens which are boiled and seasoned with olive oil and a dash of salt.
The roasted chestnuts!

Chocolate and hazelnut torrone compliments of Rosa, who was invited, but couldn't make it so she sent the homemade dessert in her place.

Now, I wouldn't want you all to think that we don't do anything except eat around here...but...we actually do spend a lot of time and energy around the preparation and consumption of food. It's a nice way to socialize, especially when everyone helps out in one way or another.


Marcel said...

Hmmm looks good, I love the southern dishes! We also had St Martins festivities, but here it is celebrated by children processions with chinese lanterns.

Regards from Marcel

USelaine said...

That all looks fantastic - don't apologize for showing food! There is quite a tradition of food porn on CDP blogs, and you have clearly mastered the craft. 8^)

Anonymous said...

Roasted chestnuts sound good to me. I don't like them unroasted though. Nice photos.

I think this is my first trip to your blog. I am in Brookville, Ohio and it is cold this morning – 13 degree Fahrenheit = -10.5555556 degree Celsius. If I were just walking past you on the street I would probably smile and nod my head. I hope you would too. LOL

Maria Verivaki said...

delicious - any chance of a recipe?

nobu said...

Oh!hungry..Oishi so.

Saretta said...

Marcel, thanks for stopping by my blog. I liked your photos of the children!

Elain, "food porn"? Now, that made me laugh!

Abraham, you have been here many times before! Your kind comments early on inspired me! Of course, I would smile at you on the street, though with weather that cold I'd probably be runnning by to keep warm!

Kiwi, oh dear, a recipe? I will have to ask my hubby...I'm just the frier in the fritelle process!

Nobu, oishi so desu ne?

Jane Hards Photography said...

" Food Porn" I'd have to go laong with that. Excuse me salivaing over the screen, but the veggie part of it just does it for me. Heavenly.

valeria said...

A Saré, che fame!!!!

Unknown said...

MMMM, what I wouldn't give for a taste of one of the fritters!