Monday, November 10, 2008

Regional Seminary Pio XI

The Apulian Regional Seminary has been located in Molfetta since 1915. The large complex we see only a small corner of here was built in 1926. Young men study theology and are trained to become priests here. The complex also hosts a large library and a museum.

I have been less faithful than usual to this blog...I have started my full teaching schedule at the university and have a lot less free time. I am also experimenting with a new-to-me camera and not getting the results I'd like, so am a little frustrated with my photos at the moment. Anyway, I'll do my best to keep that daily photo coming!


nobu said...

I think it ia a nice place to study.

Pietro Brosio said...

Very nice view.
With new cameras it's always necessary some time to practice: every model has it's own... personality.

Saretta said...

It is a pretty building, isn't it? I don't know, Pietro, they say you have to be smarter than the tool you are working with...but for now the camera is much smarter than me! LOL!