Friday, May 1, 2009

Day Trip to the Murgia, 6

A few last shots of the Alta Murgia.

With this series of photos, I hoped to show you a part of southern Italy that perhaps many people never get to see.
It's beautiful and definitely worth a visit if you love nature.

p.s. Happy May Day!


lachezar said...

Beautiful selection of images!

Lucia said...

My heart just know that feeling of your heart filling with emotion...I love the picture of the poppy! I'm overly sensitive today!:)

marley said...

I like the one with the red poppy and the one with the fence too!

VP said...

Beautiful images, my favourites are the road with the trees and the last one with the heavy sky. These are outstanding photos.

Hilda said...

Beautiful images! My favorites are the first (the field full of tiny white flowers) and the last (very atmospheric and I love the scale).