Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mistico Cosimo

Italian truckers often decorate the cabs of their rigs with all kinds of paraphernalia including placards with their name or "handle," small, medium or large crucifixes, which may or may not be illuminated with lights, images of Jesus, the Madonna or a favorite saint, colorful pon-pons...let your imagination run wild! I would love to do a photo series of these guys, but I usually see them while driving down the highway where photo ops are limited!

This truck is quite tame, but I love the trucker's name: "Mystical Cosimo"!


Lowell said...

Okay, what does the name mean? He's a mystical, cosmic man?

Interesting commentary!

Louis la Vache said...

Interesting - and it reminds «Louis» of how the Filipinos decorate their "Jeepneys" to the extreme.

Saretta said...

Cosimo is just a name, like Bob, Frank or...Jacob!