Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Traveling Salesman

And, so, there you are, at the beach, just as you should be since it's summer and all. Generally the priority at the beach is to DO as little as possible. People here aren't much into active water sports. Some men will go diving for mollusks or octopuses (octupi?), groups of older women will sometimes venture into the water and sort of bounce up and down to cool off...but mostly the main activity is working on your tan. And that requires hours of lying still under the hot sun, flipping over every now and then to expose the next patch of skin. But, just when all that relaxing is about to spill over into the danger zone of boredom...a traveling salesman arrives to liven things up. These guys walk up and down the coasts of Italy hawking their wares. In Molfetta, we have this friendly guy they call Tzu tzu...


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Ineke said...

and then watches too.
as if to say, it's been enough now. You have other stuff to think about.

Jane Hards Photography said...

In corfu we had poeple trying to sell
wathces and bags. No one was buying to busy just lying around. Does he do better.

Saretta said...

Yes, actually, he does great business! People even make requests and he tries to meet the like that bangly bracelet but would rather have it in blue? He'll try to find it for you and will bring it to the beach another day!

Hilda said...

Looks like a scene from a Philippine beach too. I get a lot of my shell and pearl baubles during our beach vacations. :)

Welcome to CDP! I love your photos already!